White Dog (Jack Irish, #4) Peter Temple





White Dog (Jack Irish, #4)  by  Peter Temple

White Dog (Jack Irish, #4) by Peter Temple
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If this is the last Jack Irish book it is possibly not a bad thing. The plots are all a bit similar and it would be best to leave us liking the characters rather than becoming bored with them. Jack Irish himself would be a bit of a bog-standard tough guy if it were not for the sidelines like his love for a no-hoper football team and his ventures into top class furniture making. The books are lifted above the mass by his boss in the furniture workshop, the characters in the pub and Jacks horse racing colleagues.

It always seems to me that the latter could form the basis for a good book on their own. It is also good the way that the city of Melbourne becomes a character rather than just background. The female characters, always with long legs, beautiful and sexy and drawn to Jack Irish like bees to a honey pot, I am sure reflect Peter Temples fantasies rather than any real need for plot development.The plot in this book, like all of the others, is very convoluted and it is best to set a trail of breadcrumbs from the start or face getting lost.

Unlike some of the earlier books, the non-regular characters are drawn quite strongly but they do drift in and out a bit. The body count is high as always and the level of apparent corruption in Melbourne makes the average African state look like an English parish council. Surely exaggeration but then this is a crime novel and not an academic report into Australian government.If you want a fast action thriller which is a bit above most others in the quality of the writing and the level of intelligence shown by the writer then this could be for you.

However, do not expect it to be easy because it is not. Worth the effort though.So, if it is goodbye to Jack Irish, this is a good book to finish on. But, as Jack heads off to find his lady love in England, could we find him popping up with an adventure in London? At least he will feel at home with the weather aand there are plenty of no-hoper football teams to choose from.

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