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Ride To Nowhere  by  Al Lamanda

Ride To Nowhere by Al Lamanda
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Brooklyn mobster Jack Saccani has reached an impasse in his life. He wants to retire from organized crime and start a new life with his girlfriend Miranda Lopez. The obstacle in his way is his uncle Joey Falco, head of the local mob who has a final request of Jack- assassinate the soon to be appointed head of The Justice Department Mark Bierman, a prosecutor with an eye towards putting all crime bosses behind bars. Willing to do one final job for Falco in exchange for his release from the mob, Jack takes the assignment, but it comes with a catch- the hit must look like an accident.As Jack plans his assignment, two things become clear to him.

The first is that he develops a genuine respect and fondness for Bierman. The second is that completing the assignment is an assurance of his own death as Falco never leaves a living witness to a hit even if the witness is the hit man. Jack’s choices are limited- walk away and lose it all including the woman he loves or complete the job and sign his own death warrant.Ride to Nowhere is a freight train of excitement on a fast track that will shock you and leave you breathless.

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