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7700 Easy Spellrex Puzzles  by  Kalman Toth

7700 Easy Spellrex Puzzles by Kalman Toth
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As indicated on the cover, this book contains 7700 Easy Spellrex puzzles designed to improve your IQ. Spellrex puzzles are missing letter word games- there are blanks indicating the missing letters. The goal is to find the missing letter(s) and complete the word. Each page in this book contains 5 puzzles and can have from one to five solutions, depending on the level of difficulty.

Puzzles are classified by level, from light to expert. Answers are in reverse order at the bottom of each page.How to Use This BookThis book of Spellrex puzzles was created with the objective of providing educators, students, and adults with puzzles to stimulate the mind and provide enjoyment. The puzzles are not hard: they do not need long, complicated directions with many examples.

One of the benefits of Spellrex puzzles is their entertainment value. So try the methods for solving we have provided for you, or discover one of your own. Either way, the ten thousand puzzles provided are sure to give you days of challenging fun.Whom Spellrex Puzzles Are ForEducators and StudentsSpellrex puzzles can increase vocabulary and improve students’ spelling skills.

There are always new words to learn as you stretch your mind finding the missing letters to fill in the blanks. Spellrex puzzles also strengthen word recall and improve memory.SeniorsAccording to the Alzheimers Association, “. . . higher levels of education appear to be somewhat protected against Alzheimers, possibly because brain cells and their connections are stronger. Spellrex puzzles can keep the brain alert and active.EveryoneWhatever your age, education level, or ability, Spellrex puzzles can benefit you with their entertainment value and the ability to influence your IQ. How to Solve Spellrex PuzzlesLearning how to solve Spellrex puzzles quickly and successfully takes some practice.

Your mind searches for patterns. When you encounter a Spellrex puzzle, your mind immediately begins trying to fill in the blanks with the missing letters. You can use the following methods if you find the solution not readily apparent.Try Consonants1. If the second letter is missing, try an r, or.2. Try the double s if you have two blanks at the end of a word.3.

Try a double l, double n, or double t in the middle.Try Vowels1. If you have a consonant followed by a blank, try one of the vowels (a, e, i, o, and u).2. Put a vowel in a blank before or after double consonant such as ll, tt, or ss.3. Remember that vowels often appear in combination like au or ea in many words. If you have two blanks together, try these combined vowels.Try Blends1.

If you have two blanks at the beginning of a word, try blends like st, br, or ch.2. If your Spellrex contains two blanks at the end, try er.3. Try different letter combinations as the beginning and end of the word for double blanks.Veteran word puzzle solvers also use some other skills to provide success:• Sometimes the beginning and ending letters are enough to trigger recognition of the correct letters to go in other blanks.• Try common prefixes (beginnings) and suffixes (endings) such as un, up, and re for blanks at the beginning of your Spellrex. Also, try suffixes such as ed, ion, and ing for ending blanks.• Become familiar with lists of common words by word length.

Many longer words begin, contain, or end with smaller words. For instance, betrayal, contains the words be and tray. Knowing this can help you identify letters that fit in missing letter blanks.

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