První stín Amberu (Úsvit Amberu, #1) John Gregory Betancourt

ISBN: 9788086707013

Published: 2003


327 pages


První stín Amberu (Úsvit Amberu, #1)  by  John Gregory Betancourt

První stín Amberu (Úsvit Amberu, #1) by John Gregory Betancourt
2003 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, RTF | 327 pages | ISBN: 9788086707013 | 5.13 Mb

I discovered Zelaznys Amber series in my teens and devoured it. The cosmology was interesting, the characters were well-drawn (although sometimes a little lacking in depth), and the plot was engaging. I enjoyed the later Merlin novels, although perhaps not quite as much as the original Corwin series.I was interested in seeing what Betancourt had done with the franchise after Zelaznys death. Overall, Im pretty disappointed. The characters dont have much depth- where Zelazny may have done that with the supporting cast Betancourt does it with the main characters.

I found the prose repetitive, particularly in its descriptions of the Courts of Chaos. The first three books sped along, carried on a reasonable but unremarkable plot that draws to a close in the third novel. The fact theyre such quick reads and a sense of nostalgia are the main reasons why I finished the first three novel.I picked up the fourth book hoping it would improve, that Betancourt would find some balance between nostalgia and orginal work and perhaps find his own voice in the series. To my great disappointment, it got much, much worse.

The same characters are even more two-dimensional. One wonders how the main character actually manages to survive to the Corwin series based on his apparent lack of forethought in anything he does. But fear not, for every time a problem arises an unlikely solution surfaces no more than a few pages later to resolve the issue.

We get carried through a few locations from the original series that Betancourt hadnt yet visited, and the result is totally unsatisfying. The whisper-thin characters and lack of plot (compelling or otherwise) reduce it to nothing more than window-dressing on earlier The Visual Guide to Castle Amber.Fans of the original series may enjoy the first three novels for nostalgia. If thats the case feel free to indulge, but I recommend stopping there.

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