Not Dead, Not Dead Anita Dickason


Published: July 6th 2014


24 pages


Not Dead, Not Dead  by  Anita Dickason

Not Dead, Not Dead by Anita Dickason
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Email: [email protected] Website: www.anitadickason.comAnita Dickason is a retired Dallas police officer. She was fortunate to have an amazing twenty-two years with Dallas PD- working as a patrol officer, undercover narcotics officer, Dallas Swat team member and an advanced accident investigator.Her law enforcement career was, in actuality, a second career, as she did not start the Dallas police academy until she was 43. Prior to joining DPD, Anita had worked in the telecommunications industry for close to twenty years.Anitas decision to become a police officer was a huge gamble, not only because of the physical demands of the job vs.

her age, but also due to personal challenges she encountered in the process. She says she has never regretted her decision and would do it all again- her twenty-two years with the department afford her an opportunity to experience challenges she never believed possible.After retirement, she started her own business: Texas Crash Report Service.

Utilizing the knowledge and experience she had gained as an advanced accident investigator, she conducts cold case accident investigations and reconstruction. This endeavor ultimately led her to becoming an author.Her first book was JFK Assassination Eyewitness: Rush to Conspiracy—The Real Facts of Lee Bowers’ Death.

She conducted a cold case investigation of a 1966 motor vehicle fatality accident that killed one of the key witnesses to President Kennedys assassination. Over the years, there were many allegations the witness was killed because of what he saw the day Kennedy was shot. The book details Anitas extensive research and subsequent conclusions.Anita discovered that she enjoyed the writing experience and decided to take the next step and expand into the fictional field.She still lives in Texas and has two daughters and three grandsons.

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