Gagamba sa Uhay: Kalipunan ng mga Haiku Rogelio G. Mangahas


Published: 2006


183 pages


Gagamba sa Uhay: Kalipunan ng mga Haiku  by  Rogelio G. Mangahas

Gagamba sa Uhay: Kalipunan ng mga Haiku by Rogelio G. Mangahas
2006 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, RTF | 183 pages | ISBN: | 4.62 Mb

My first Haiku book. Written in Tagalog by Rogelio G. Mangahas. Translated into English by Marne L. Kilates.Have you tried reading Haiku? Its a very short Japanese poetry. It is supposed to have juxtaposition of two contrasting images divided by a verbal punctuation mark.

It is composed of 17 syllables with 5-7-5 pattern. It is normally about what you see around you.In this book, the local author, Roger Mangahas tried writing Haiku in Tagalog. We Filipinos can copy everything. All I can say is: nice try. The reason: most of the poems hardly met all of those three characteristics of a Japanese traditional Haiku.

Overall, there are only two things good about the book: (1) easy to read with each page with 1 or 2 Haiku and (2) in fairness to Mangahas his being a true poet worked in giving emotions to some of the Haiku particularly those that deal about the sickness and eventual death of his only son from lymphoma.213. Uha mot hugongng sigway nagkasalpok.Yakap ka namin.Your birthcryand the stormhowl clashed.We held you tight.219.

Puti ang karongniluhaan ng ulap.Libing ni anak.White was the hearseon which the cloud shed tears.My childs funeral.There are also other exceptional ones but they are not at par, in my opinion, with the samples given in the intro of the book: the Haiku of the Japanese poet Basho:Furuike yaKawasu tobikomuMisu no otoMatandang lawaMay palakang lumundagTunog ng tubig!o ito:Kare-eda niKarasu no tumari keriAki no kureSa sangang pataynakahapon ang uwak.Gabing taglamigI dont know.

Those Basho Haiku should not have been included in the intro because I could not help compare those to each of the 269 Haiku by Mangahas.Overall, it is an okay book. I should try composing Haiku someday.

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